Friday, July 25, 2008

No Longer a Student

So today has been a pretty crappy day. Earlier this week I had an interview for a job as a Flash developer. The thought that I could get a good job writing ActionScript code was pretty cool considering I started doing it as a hobby.

So Wifey and I got our hopes up that I would get this job and all of our financial woes would be immediately solved. The great thing about getting your hopes up is that when they crash down in is truly a fantastic crash. (Please note sarcasm here.)

The ironic thing is that I had my hopes up about getting a job that I don't think I really wanted anyways. I wanted the experience I would gain. And I definitely wanted the money. But I would have been working for a marketing team for Microsoft. I would say that's not exactly fulfilling my dream to become a filmmaker.

So now I am unemployed and virtually broke. I am no longer a student either so I don't really have an excuse.

Also I would like to apologize for the lack of videos on this site. I do have some more videos to put up. So if anyone actually reads this post and leaves comments saying -- "Hey hoser hurry up and put your videos online!" I will do it faster. The end.

Random Photo of Jewell and Me