Saturday, January 19, 2008

Getting Scammed

Mr. Song Lile and Family:

Those are the pictures that Mr. Lile sent me with his latest email:
Dear Travis Nelson

I want to let you know of myself so that you will be rest assured of whom you are transacting with. I am married with two children Liu my daughter and Lee my son, I have sent you my family picture now for you to see. My address is #1, Fortune Garden, 20 Wing Ting Road, Ngan Chi Wan, Kln, Hong Kong . i have lived here for the last 13years; It is not ideal to have your documents send via mailing you can scan and attached or still send via email.

I have really invested much in this transaction so I will please tell you to accept the 30% of the total funds that I have intend to give to you. For your information I will be coming over to your country for my share of the funds, once the funds credits your account at the bank that we will be using for this transaction.
Please endeavours to keep this transaction confidential, Please be descrete about these deal . I have a 22year career with my bank (Hang Seng) and I dont? intend to ruin all that. I really can wait till the funds leave my bank because I have not been able to sleep nor eat properly for the past days. Attach to this email is my work ID and my family pictures for your reference.

Well if I may remind you again, you are required to send at least a copy of your Driver's License "or" a copy of your International Passport. Besides, it is this copy of your Driver's Licence or International Passport that will be be used by the Attorney have all the necesary documentations perfected.

At this point I must inform you that being part of this transaction would only be at your free will I cannot impose this on you, it is your choice to accept or disagree with the principles and of this business or even with the transaction as a whole,but at least I deserve the previledge of knowing your decision.The most important issue is that I want to be sure I am transacting with the correct person, I believe these information would be enough to confirm you interest.

Best Regards,
Song Li

Identity Required.

So it's legit right? He did send pictures after all. I guess I'll head over to my scanner now and get my ID ready to send. While I'm at it should I just go ahead and scan all of my credit and debit cards too?

Actually I can't send him my ID because I told him I was a 57 year old retired teacher with $200000 in the bank. I'm pretty sure he's drooling over that right now.

So if any of you (Assuming anyone reads this blog anymore) want to join in the fun try to find out where he got the pictures. Are they posted on a public site somewhere? A myspace page? Leave comments if you find them.

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