Monday, March 10, 2008

MySpace Profile Hacks

So I have been learning CSS lately. (For anyone not web savvy those are Cascade Style Sheets. They are for formatting websites.)

My motivation for this is threefold.
  1. Flash uses CSS for limited formatting.
  2. To make my blogs look cool.
  3. To customize mySpace without having to rely on third party websites.
So I decided to help my sister-in-law Renae update her mySpace page. I added a custom background and changed the table width and colors without much problem. Then came the difficult task -- enlarging the profile picture.

This would be easy if you could edit the content of the profileInfo table but you can't. You have to do it using CSS. It's quite the hack job. Here's the code if you want to do it yourself. If you try it out let me know if you have any problems. I have only tried this on a couple mySpace accounts so far.

Enter this code in your About Me section and see if it works:
.profileInfo tr td table tr td a img{width:1px; margin-left:330; margin-top:220;}

.profileInfo tr td table {background-image:url(""); background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: 5px 10px;}
.profileInfo tr td{background-color:transparent;}
.profileInfo tr{background-color:transparent;}
.profileInfo tr td table tr .text {background-color:transparent;}
.profileInfo tr td table tr {background-color:transparent;}
Make sure that you replace the image location with an image that is exactly 300px by 200px.


Melain said...

Hey thanks for the tip! I used it & it works great! I just had to change the background color from transparent to black for it to look right on my page. VERY COOL.

Travis said...

I checked out your myspace page. Nice.

You are an awesome blogger. I bug my family to leave comments so I know they are visiting but they never do. (Except Heath and Michele.)

You rock!