Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Shoot

So after class on Friday I was taking well deserved afternoon nap. (I think every afternoon nap I get is well deserved.) The peace and tranquility of my siesta was interrupted by my darn phone vibrating. It was my classmate Jake, the director of Booksmart.

Booksmart is one of the group projects currently being filmed in my class. A couple of weeks ago I had told Jake I was willing to be a body double for his movie. The movie has several characters all played by the same actor.

So the Assistant Director (AD) on the Booksmart crew was totally slacking. They had been planning on using me as a body double all along but nobody had let me know. Jake was calling to let me know. Fortunately my weekend was free.

We ended up shooting on Friday night until 2am and then on Saturday night until 2am. It was a really fun shoot. Things were a little unorganized because of problems with some crew members not pulling their weight but everything still came together. I'm going to include a few pictures from the shoot. I will also try to post the movie on here when it's finished.

More photos from the shoot.

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