Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Fairy Congress

So here's the story. Last week I recieved an email from one of my teachers at film school. He was requesting that someone edit some existing footage of an event called the Fairy Congress.

I responded and was chosen for the job. I was quite flattered by this. The pay wasn't anything worth speaking of, really just a token amount, but the experience and exposure would be good. The video needed to be done in one week so I ended up sacrificing the chance to edit one of my other projects to get this one done.

In fact I even went above and beyond in helping them upload the video to youTube and getting it ready to be embedded as a Flash movie. So I'm all ready for this video to be somewhat prominently displayed on the Fairy Congress website (a little exposure for the donation of my time). Instead they poorly display the video tucked away in the photos section like some amateur video because the "consensus in the steering group was not to put it on the front page." And now you guessed it -- I am angry.

So with all of that build up here is the video:

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Jim said...

ha! i wonder if some people i know were there.