Monday, December 17, 2007

Super 8 Project Filming

So I did all of the filming for my third super 8 project today. The editing won't be done until January 10th though. That is the day I will submit it to the NW Film Forum for the current film challenge.

I think I wrote about the current challenge before but is case you're lazy and don't want to look at my previous posts -- here's the lowdown. The current film challenge is for bunch of filmmakers to use the same actress in their movies. But it's not actually the same actress it's a pair of identical twins.

So today Cara Stacy came and acted in my project. I was a little nervous about working with someone that I didn't know. I thought she would think my tactics were terrible or that I wasn't organized. That wasn't the case. She was awesome to work with. It was great to have her on set and she gave an amazing performance.

And of course I couldn't have done it without my crew: Mike and Laura from school. The were a tremendous help. Wifey totally helped me out a ton on this one also. And JJ and Alisa for letting us totally disrupt their lives for a day so we could use their apartment.

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