Monday, November 26, 2007

all day editathon

So my second 8mm project is due tomorrow and I put off most of my editing until today. That means that I get to spend the whole day editing. I'm mostly done with the video. (It's 4pm.) Now comes the sound, my least favorite part. I think the sound is so hard for me because I want it a certain way but I can't compose it myself. So I end up spending tons of time looking for the perfect song that I never find.

This project has been particularly difficult for me also. I had major camera failure that caused me to miss some shots that I wanted. I totally forgot to get a shot that was pretty important. And the whole project is my backup idea anyways. (I couldn't do the movie that I had originally planned because of location problems.) These factors contribute to me not being very motivated to work on this project.

But I have no choice. It must be done. So I'll just keep working on it. If you're lucky I'll post the finished product tomorrow.