Tuesday, November 20, 2007

new compy

I am currently posting this message on my new iMac. Yeah buddy! Wifey and I were talking about how we needed a new computer for work. We are planning on purchasing the Adobe CS3 design edition soon and poor little minimac definitely isn't up for that. Plus we are both working freelance right now and our computer times have been conflicting. But no more.

I have one of the fancy new apple keyboards also. I read a couple of reviews on it that weren't too flattering but so far I really like it. And of course I finally have a mighty mouse. Who can resist cracking a little smile when they are reminded that their optical input device is named after a cartoon superhero? (Seriously tell me who.)

I named my computer iPenguin. Mostly because I've been into penguins lately. Not happy foot penguins with political agendas--oh no. I'm talking about penguin logos on my clothes and cool graphic penguins. (I say cool but Wifey would say cute -- I'll let you decide which adjective you prefer.)

I noticed that there is a feature in the network settings (I'm running Leopard) that allows remote users to see and potentially control the desktop. That may be cool. I'll let you know once I figure out how to use it.

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