Wednesday, November 14, 2007

visiting random blogs

So no one left any comments on my video post. So do you like it? Have any of you watched it? Am I talking to myself? So because of the lack of comments on my blog I've decided to visit some other random blogs and leave comments. I wouldn't have visited random blogs but it turns out that there isn't a blogger specific search engine (at least not that I could find.)

So I'm going to choose likely URLs and enter them in and see what I get. Like this: www.(likely-title)

My list of likely titles includes:
  • jamesbond -- this blog was last edited in 2001. I'm not so sure they'll check the comment. But you should : linky
  • wolfmother -- empty blog
  • moviefan -- pwn3d. They turned the comment option off. I would have said, "How is Cathy doing these days?"
  • halofreak --another dead blog but I left a comment anyways. If nothing else these comments will give Amin something to do at work. linky
  • superhero -- one entry no comments allowed. What a waste of a good blog URL.
  • barakobama -- I thought this blog might be live with the whole Internet campaigning thing but alas to no avail. I was able to leave a comment though. linky

So I've tried every likely URL I can think of and none of them are live blogs. Has everyone quit making their own blogs because they realized that boingboing is the best so they might as well quit now?

Now I'm using the next blog button because it leads to live blogs.
Here's where I've been if you care to see what randomCommentGenerator(randomBlogPosts) returns.
My Blog
Shiny Robot Studio -- I left the comment on the November 7th post.
Tao of the Turtles

Okay I'm done for now. My timeLeftToWaste thread just returned.


Amin said...

"If nothing else these comments will give Amin something to do at work."

Hahaha. You made me lol in my office. You totally called me out on that one. Perhaps I should get back to real work (is it websudoku jelly time?). Oh wait. realWorkThread.Sleep(∞);


BTW, change your linkies from to

Travis said...

I fixed the linkies that I put in wrong. I keep getting blogger and blogspot confused.