Saturday, November 10, 2007

First Post!!

So I meant to start a blog as soon as I started film school. But I didn't. I have since repented of that and now I am starting this blog.

I am currently attending Seattle Film Institute. The wife and I recently moved to Seattle from San Diego. We left perfectly good jobs to come here and be unemployed students. Well not completely unemployed. I am doing freelance Flash development and Jeanie (who will hereafter be referred to as Wifey) is working as a freelance graphic designer.

Wifey and I are expecting an addition to our family at the end of January. We are having a girl. We plan on naming her Jewell, after my grandmother.

This blog is going to about my life, film school, my independent film projects, Flash, Final Cut Pro, any other software I feel like talking about, and your mom.


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Anna said...

Awesome! I myself am 3 classes away from my Bachelors Degree (Graphic Design) Hope you enjoy film school,I will keep tabs so I can see your videos. Right now I am in an Art Controversy and Issues class, last night we did a critique on videos, wish I had seen this blog before then, I would have had them critique the Invisible Man for you.